freyja norse goddess ceramic sculpture for sale by rachel santel

“Freyja, the Norse Goddess”

Inspiration & Technique

Using a water based clay, I sculpted a bust, then fired her. Most people don’t know, but when you do a bust, you must hollow out the form by splitting it in half, then re-joining it. It’s a pain-staking process. Then, slowly, I dried them out, which took a month or so. It was fired in a kiln to about 1900 degrees. After it was taken out of the kiln, I sanded it down, applied three coats of a glaze, and then re-fired it. Finally, I gilded her headdress and hair.

Freyja, the famous Norse Goddess, is often depicted wearing a helmet made of wings. She is associated with love, sexuality, gold, war, and death. She is often wearing a magical necklace, as well. She rules over the afterlife and receives half of those who die in in battle. I decided to make her wearing a winged helmet and using a lot of gilding to represent the gold. I also added a magical necklace which is also gilded with variegated gold and copper.

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