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Rachel Santel Original Oil Painting Kororo and the Letter

“Korkoro and the Letter”

Inspiration & Technique

Drawn first in detail, then painting in a gray scale with acrylics. I added layers of thin oils over it. I used acrylic airbrush for the sky and some of the scales. I gilded the scaled and the ground with variegated gold leaf.

This painting tells a detailed story. My inspiration lies in the mermaid’s name and in the letter. She’s from Japan and has fallen in love with a mortal. He lost his love when he was a young man and has returned every year to the same spot to send her a love letter in a bottle. Korkoro saw him 60 years ago, falling in love. Because he is dying, this is the last letter he will send. The mermaid has retrieved it, saddened by its words.

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