Mannequins on The Loop

Mannequins on The Loop is an Annual Event sponsored by Figure 8 Designs. Designers and Artists team up with local businesses on The loop to adorn a mannequin using recyclable materials.

Rachel teamed up with Vintage Vinyl in the 2015 Mannequins on The Loop Content.

From the owner of Vintage Vinyl –

“To the amazing Ms. Santel,

I’m the owner of Vintage Vinyl. I came to work this morning and found the most wonderful, extraordinary, stunningly beautiful piece of sculpture/sidewalk art in front of my store. I am completely blown away. It is a perfect encapsulation of the aesthetic we have promoted for the nearly 36 years we’ve been here. My staff are as excited about it as I am.

When we chose to be here back in 1979, the UCity Loop was a wash of derelict buildings, single room occupancy apartments filled with winos and empty store fronts. Our first storefront here was only 400 square feet and had 136 building code violations. Our goal (and that of a couple of other business owners, like Joe Edwards of Blueberry Hill, who grew up in this neighborhood) was to create businesses that would succeed in supporting our families and at the same time nurture a neighborhood that reflected the creative spirit of our community.

I am in the process of retiring from Vintage Vinyl. Transitions lead to personal reflection and I’ve been wondering if my working life has been of any real use. Your sculpture was, to me, an affirmation that public space can be both commercially successful and artistically satisfying; that creating what my business partner has called, “…a cultural free-fire zone…” is possible, and that to some extent, we’ve been reasonably successful.

I personally, my business partner and staff, and the people who will enjoy your artwork in front of my store are incredibly grateful for your contribution to your community.

Thank you so much.”

mannequin on the loop vintage vinyl rachel santel
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