Encaustic, Paintings

“The Last Wax Supper”

Inspiration & Technique

Medium is all wax (encaustic)on wood
3 foot by 5.5 feet
This is my Covid painting. After traveling to Italy a few times and being unsuccessful in seeing the real “Last Supper” I decided to make one out of wax ( Which by the way will always keep its original color and not fade away) and make it my own per say. I had to work on this painting with it being upside down many times because wax has to be dropped from my stylus and the painting must be almost flat so I had to turn it.
I never really knew all the details in this painting until now. The original took 3-4 years and less than 20% of it remains. I used the Tongerlo copy to go off of. Of course I changed a few things on purpose it is after all my interpretation of the Last Supper. The tablecloth, tapestries in the background and all the little details had me cussing but I figured it out and here you all go… hope you like it.
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